Jun-Hyung Cho

Major : Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Laboratory : Natural Science Building #402

e-mail :



83, Department of Physics, Hanyang University

86, Department of Physics, Seoul National University

94, Department of Physics, POSTECH

- Thesis: "Electronic-structure theory for transition metals and semiconductor  surfaces: a plane-wave-basis pseudopotential approach"


   [ CAREER ]

   Researcher in Agency for Defence Development (1986-91)

   Post-Doc. in Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Plank-Gesellschaft (1995-1996)

   Post-Doc. in Joint Research Center for Atom Technology (1996-1997)

   Research Associate in Oak Ridge National Laboratory (1997-1998)

   Research Associate in National Renewable Energy Laboratory (1998-1999)

   Research Assistant Professor in Pohang Univ. of Sci. and Tech. (1999-2000)

   Research Scientist in University of Texas at Austin (2000-2003)

   Assistant Professor in Hanyang University (2003-2005)

   Associate Professor in Hanyang University (2005-2010)

   Visiting Professor in University of Tennessee (2009-2010)

   Professor in Hanyang University (2010-present)